How long have you been in business?
Exotic Tours (PVT) Limited, has been faithfully serving extremely satisfied visitors to Sri Lanka from all over the world since 1999. We were recommended by the highly acclaimed TIME Magazine as far back as in 2001! You may CLICK HERE if you wish to read this very valuable recommendation from one of the most respected and highly acclaimed international magazines with the largest readership!

How can we trust you?
Thousands of satisfied customers, for one! (Please see the Customer Comments). Also, we ONLY charge you US $10 per person when FULLY CONFIRMING these holidays. You are most welcome to pay the FULL BALANCE VALUE of your tour package AFTER YOUR ARRIVAL in Sri Lanka, and after checking in to your Luxury Hotel Room, and AFTER discussing all the details of your tour package with one of our Company Representatives, to your complete satisfaction. In many cases, WE are paying MORE than your $10 deposit to CONFIRM all your tour arrangements, so we are trusting you to arrive, so you need to trust us to be here for you, when you do!

Do we really pay just $10 now?
Yes, no strings attached! Your $10 gets us "into action" booking and confirming all of your holiday arrangements, and then replying to you within 24 hours with a COMPLETE, DETAILED, ITINERARY of your entire tour program. Then, you just lean back and relax, and you will find our friendly representative waiting for you at the airport when you arrive, with a complete package of literature and helpful items to make your holiday in Exotic Sri Lanka truly memorable!

How flexible are our tour arrangements going to be?
You will have the luxury of having YOUR OWN PRIVATE LUXURY VEHICLE with English speaking Chauffeur-guide, who will take you WHERE you want, and WHEN you want, as long as you follow the BASIC TOUR ITINERARY and reach your confirmed hotels on the days you are supposed to! Your Exotic Tour is about as flexible as it can be, but still saves you money, because your hotel accommodation is BOOKED AND CONFIRMED well in advance, at these amazingly low rates!

How do you keep your rates so low?
We, being primarily an Internet-based Company, keep our OVERHEADS and PROFIT MARGINS low. Secondly, we offer our partner hotels ONLY CONFIRMED BOOKINGS, because as you have paid your $10 deposit, we KNOW that you are coming to Sri Lanka, and WE pay, on behalf of you, for all of these LUXURY HOTELS well in advance, giving us the absolute lowest rates. This system keeps these luxury hotels very loyal to us, and we can then consistently request, and get, much LOWER RATES than even some of the biggest tour companies in Sri Lanka, which we then pass on to you.

What if we don't have our flights booked yet?
Not a problem. You are very welcome to CONFIRM your tour now with APPROXIMATE DATES, and then inform us later about your exact flight details, and we will adjust your bookings accordingly, at no charge.